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Jump Attire Announces more than 42 uses for its towels

On the Heels of Our One-Year Business Anniversary, we compiled a list of the many uses our consumers have shared with us

Jump Attires uniquely designed fitness towels are growing in popularity due to consumers’ increased health and wellness pursuits.

Pasadena — August 1, 2020 — Today, we’re commemorating our birthday month and, as one would expect with birthdays, we’ve done a lot of delightful reminiscing, deep reflection and planning for the rest of 2020 (the year of change).

As we ruminate on our one-year, we couldn’t help but notice the greater purpose our towels are serving for and to our wide-ranging customers.

“Never in a million years did we think that our towels could serve so many useful purposes”

That is why we compiled a list of our towels uses from customers who shared feedback. The list of uses will have you amazed, entertained and surprisingly better informed of how massively useful our towels can be.
*Fitness towel Bag (FTB) and Fitness Cover Towel (FCT)

1. Wear it

Both our FTB and FCT can be worn. The FTB is a towel and storage bag. Wear it around your shoulder, hips or waist using an adjustable strap. The FCT is a wearable cover towel. It has a hood that is a one size fits all. Wear it to the beach, around the pool or around the gym.

2. Use it as a protective barrier

Our FCT has proven extremely versatile and popular, especially during COVID-19. Customers are using our FCT as a barrier for all types of surfaces. The hood securely fits and holds the towel in place. It covers the entire surface areas of bar stools, dining room chairs, office chairs, car seats, home and gym workout equipment, benches, sofas, yoga mats, pool lounges and car steering wheels. Keeping you and your environment safer and better protected from car seat burns, steering wheel burns, surface spills, sweat and germs.

3. Use it as a hand bag

The FTB has received so many compliments. It offers the right amount of storage, comfort and organization. It has a zippered pouch that is divided into two storage pockets. The FTB easily stores the following: face mask, keys, sunglasses, phone, wallet, snack bar, lip balm, hair tie, spare cash… weighing 1.6 lbs. (meeting the 2.2 lbs. recommended by the USDA as the ideal weight of a handbag). All your essentials are safely stowed away for easy access.

4. Use it as a sweat towel

Our FTB is a hand-sized terry cotton towel. Its plush and super absorbent, making it ideal for use as a sweat towel. Customers use it on hikes, during a yoga session, exercise workout at the gym or at home.

5. Use it as a money pouch

Waitstaff wear the FTB around their waist and use it as a utility/money pouch, as well as a towel for wiping their hands.

6. Use it as an accessory pouch

Hairdressers and salon staff wear the FTB around their waist and use it as an accessory pouch. They love the separated pockets. Helps to keep all their odds and ends more organized, more easily accessible, and it keeps their cellphone clean and within ease of reach.

7. Use it to dry yourself

This goes without saying. Our FCT is a large size beach towel and is 100% Velour Cotton. Not only is it super comfortable, it’s super absorbent too so it dries you perfectly after a surf, swim, shower or bath.

8. Wrap yourself in it

The FCT comes in handy as a beach blanket. When the sun starts to set and it’s a little nippy, wrap the FCT around your shoulders and fold your arms into the hooded area for extra warmth.

9. Lumbar support

Not all office chairs or car seats come with built in adjustable lumbar support. So, fold the FCT in half (length ways), roll it up and use it as lumbar support while working from your office chair, or while driving.

10. Use it as a Linus Blanket

A customer sent us a cute photo of her toddler dragging his FCT everywhere he went. It reminded her of the ‘Peanuts’ cartoon character Linus and the blanket he carried everywhere. The FCT makes a very effective security blanket.

11. Portable sleep bed for your doggy

Taking your doggy on your family road trip and can’t find enough space in your trunk for the doggy bed. The FCT makes a great portable doggy bed — simply roll up the FCT from the longest sides and form a circle.

12. A one person changing room

A customer who bought a set of FCT’s for his car seats, admitted that after a surf, he uses the FCT as his own personal change room when changing at his car in the parking lot. He places the hood over his head the opposite way around for maximum privacy.

13. At home workouts

Stay-at-home requirements for COVID-19 has more people doing at-home workouts than ever before. Without access to the gym and normal workout equipment, active people have gotten innovative. Believe it or not but a ‘towel’ is a unique piece of fitness equipment. There are over 300 ways to use a towel to scalp every muscle in the body — arms, abs and legs. You can even add weights into the pocket of the FTB for extra toning. Both the FTB and FCT towels are used for at-home exercise workouts.

14. Rehab exercises

You’ll be amazed at how many rehab exercises are being done using our FTB and FCT towels. Yip… from toe curls, ankle and foot, calf and knee, hip, back, shoulder and wrist strengthening. Our towels are definitely blowing our minds with all their amazing practicality and usefulness.

15. Hot and cold pack therapy

Insert hot/cold gel packs into the pockets of the FTB forming a therapy pack/pillow. Use it for pain relief therapy for feet, ankles, calf, knee, thighs, hip, stomach, back, shoulder, neck, and forehead.

16. Meditation

Find a quiet room in your home, add a few drops of lavender essential oil into your diffuser, lay your FCT on the floor, either sit or lie down on your towel and quietly meditate for 5 to 10 minutes. Our FCT velour cotton is so soft and plush and comfortable, you’ll likely fall asleep on it and awake feeling calm and relaxed.

17. Use it as a bleacher cushion

A customer called in to say they used our FCT’s as bleacher cushions. Their son plays flag football and going to practice and watching games required them to sit on hard concrete bleachers. They remembered they had their FCTs in the car. Went and got them, folded the towels into four and had comfortable cushions to sit on.

18. Use it as a sun-shade

When it gets too hot out, drape the FCT over yours and your friends head and shoulders as a sun shade.

19. Use it as a travel pillow

Take a small comfy sofa cushion and insert it into the hood of the FCT. Either cover the back seat of your car with the FCT and place the hooded cushion under your head for a quick backseat nap. Or while driving, sit on the FCT with the hooded cushion behind your head. It certainly makes for a comfy travel pillow.

20. Sleep on it, under it or in it

The FCT is a pretty large towel and comes in very handy to use as a blanket to sleep under, or to sleep on. For smaller kids, you can fold it in half and they can sleep in it.

21. Use it on the plane

A customer bought our FCT’s for her family before heading on a summer vacation to Hawaii. Her two children landed up using them on the plane as seat covers and blankets.

22. Use it as a picnic blanket

Our FCT’s are large enough to use as picnic blankets.

23. Wrap it around the bottom of the Christmas tree to decorate the plastic base

Our FCT’s make a pretty neat Christmas tree skirt / mat.

24. Use it as a cape

Kids love playing around the pool. Not only does our FCT dry them off after a fun swim, but it becomes the perfect Superhero cape.

25. Use it as a table cloth

Use our FCT as a quick substitute for a table cloth when serving outdoor snacks by the pool.

26. Carry useful things in it

You can place useful things in the middle of your FCT towel. Simply grab all the corners and use it like a big bag. You could carry food, picnic supplies and beach supplies to enjoy with your outdoor activities.

27. Use it to wrap your camera lenses in

Wrap your camera lenses in our FCT to protect them from the harsh environments of sand and sea when traversing rugged landscape terrain or when sailing at sea.

28. Wipe dew off the windscreen in the mornings before your commute

Rushing to get the kids to school on time and your car windscreen is saturated with dew? Grab your handy FCT and use it to wipe your side mirrors and windscreen for a clearer and safer commute.

29. Use it to cover your car windscreen overnight to prevent the hard frost setting on it

Have to park your car outside during harsh frosting conditions? Don’t panic, your FCT has your car windscreen covered.

30. Use it as an emergency curtain

Out at the beach and you need to change your toddler out of their wet swimsuit and into dry clothes. Use the FCT as an emergency change curtain.

31. Lay it on the floor next to the bed at night so you step on it and not the cold floor first thing in the morning

None of us enjoy waking up and stepping onto a cold floor. Lay the FCT out next to your bed so you have a plush towel mat to step onto.

32. Drape it on the sofa to keep the sofa from collecting pet hair

Your friend needs a sofa to crash on for a few nights and brings along their furry pet cat. To keep cat fur off your sofa, cover your sofa with our FCT. Your friend and their furry pet will love the comfort and softness of your FCT, and you’ll love the fact that you have a pet hair free sofa.

33. Snap it at people (or beasts) you wish to repel

‘If you want to survive out there, you’ve got to know where your towel is’ — HG2G quote.

Dip the end of the FCT that you’re not holding into water and get it wet. Spin the towel vertically in the same direction to create a whip. Flick your FCT quickly to create a snapping action and sound.

34. Use it as a door draft stopper

Roll up your FCT from the longest sides and lay it on the floor at your door. Push it securely up against the door to keep out cold air or dust.

35. Soak it in cold water and use to soothe sun burn or a fever

Dampen your FCT and squeeze out excess cold water. Fold or roll the damp towel and gently place it over the sun burn or fever area.

36. Wrap it around your head to wick the moisture from your wet hair after a shower

The FCT is a large towel with a hood area. Wrap the towel around your wet hair and press the towel against your wet hair to absorb the excess moisture.

37. Use it to hide presents in

To hide presents, either drape your FCT over the presents, or wrap the presents inside your FCT.

38. Use it to mop up spillages

Grab your handy FCT to wipe up inadvertent spillages.

39. Use it as a field-dressing

Use your FCT as a field dressing in the event of an accidental injury.

40. Dress yourself up in a towel for Halloween

Forgot your Halloween outfit? Don’t panic, wear your hooded FCT and dress up as Arthur Dent — the famous interstellar traveler who always carried his massively useful towel.

41. Use it as a portable diaper changing mat

Our FCT is conveniently portable and large, making it an ideal essential for moms and dads to change diapers anywhere.

42. Use it to dry very big tears

When tissues can’t soak all the tears from a very big and ugly cry, use a towel!

43. A towel as a big bib for a big baby!

And there you have it folks, more than 42 uses for our towel products!

We want to thank everyone for the support, the fun and exuberant feedback, the product ideas and most importantly, the appreciation. It is without a shadow of a doubt, the reasons why we continue to focus our efforts on future innovation and why we are already working on the next useful thing we can bring to our customers and our audience.

Stay tuned folks, more useful towel things coming soon!

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